Introduction Section

I have always been interested in songwriting and would love to write my own for this project. This is a passion for me because I have always had a special connection with music that I don’t really have with anything else. I also enjoy writing and would love to do it in a way I have never done before. I imagine the final media form as a produced EP in the digital media room or wherever and use audio loops in Reason to create the music for the track and possibly some vocals on it. This project would be a challenge for me because I have never written a song and so producing one that sounds professional will take a great deal of effort as there are multiple components that make up a song. Also, if writing lyrics is part of my project, then I have to challenge myself to be comfortable with the lyrics I write and not self criticize to the point where I feel that I can’t get anything done. I plan to use Reason or Pro Tools to produce my music. Specifically, I want find the best audio loops and instruments that I feel fit the vibe that the song gives off. I also plan to ask for a lot of help because this is my first year in Freestyle and I don’t have a lot of experience.


Process Section





The picture above (while hard to see) displays one of the loops I included on my track called “delirium.” The loop comes from the Dr. OctoRex loop kit that you can use to create your sound on Adobe Reason.












The picture above displays all of the different elements that I included on my track called “delirium.” This song was the first one I created for my EP that I created and has caffeinated beats and synths that creates an exciting mood.


Completed Project Section