Hi i’m Gavin. you probably already know my name since you saw the title of the site. I would consider myself a artist, but mostly for physical models. I don’t really have an abstract, surreal view on modern art, my brain can’t comprehend it. Instead, I paint model kits and Warhammer Miniatures. Warhammer minis are perfect for me. The poses they’re in tell part of the story. Painting it tells the rest. you can have a space marine running through a dirt field, through thick mud, in a forest! you can add grass and shrubs to show a field or broken metal pieces to show an active battleground.The marine itself could be nice and clean, just arriving to the fight. or grimy and war hardened, like an experienced veteran of wars past. Some people change the pose completely, they had their vision on what they wanted from the miniature and changed the model to match that. Basically, I admire Miniature painting more than Modern art not only because it’s easier to understand, but also because they look cooler.