Hello there, my name is Jacob S. Posada. I enjoy drawing and composing and arranging music, and just over all coming up with ideas to use in stuff. I am a latino born in the United States, as my parents are from Mexican and Salvadorian descent. I grew up in Redwood City for a few years before moving to Mountain View around the age of five with my family. When I was in 2nd grade I got into writing stories, although they were basically parodies of existing children’s stories, from then on I would continue to pursue the dream of being an author. During my 3rd grade year I started making comics, technically categorized as fan-fiction now, but it would give me the inspiration to pursue in art and writing. As of today, while I don’t really intended to pursue being an author, I do intended on becoming a game developer and artist over all (music and art to be exact), and when I’m old enough, I plan on creating my own indie studio, and create games where they can be enjoyed by all demographics and still show amazing work from gameplay to story.

For this year. I expect to give it my all, because I want to be grow as a person, to work efficiently and be able to move into my final year of school with no issues. I’m trying to work more on my assignments, I will say however it tends to get difficult due to my limited sense of focus, but I still want to do better. Hopefully this year I’m able to preform better in classes I tend to struggle more, I’m certainly getting there, but there’s still some more growing I need to do. But one main thing I hope to accomplish this year, is to be able to work efficiently with a team and create something that all can enjoy.