About Me

My name is Jacqueline Owen welcome to my page! I am a current senior at Freestyle academy. I am taking Design as my main course this year. Last year I took digital media where we learned how to create music, learn to code websites and experiment with After Effects. Throughout my time at Freestyle a created a portfolio with many varying projects that I am proud of. My favorite thing about Freestyle is how it has allowed me to grow asa student and artist, it taught me to challenge myself and work outside my comfort zone.

This year I will be working on all of the basic design elements that are crucial to any projects. I am so happy that I joined freestyle junior year because it has taught me so many skills and my teachers have made learning fun here, I actually enjoy school when I am here. I am interested in pursuing a major in marketing/advertising, multi media or communications in college and I feel that Freestyle has prepared me for everyone of those majors. I am also very interested in fashion and hope to tie that passion in with the major I choose. What I value about Freestyle is the uniqueness of every student and how Freestyle allows you to work on your own which is different from most high school classes.

Over the past two years I used many different softwares to create my projects, including many Adobe softwares. My favorite project that I created was my documentary book on Pit Bulls. I was able to take a topic that I am very passionate about and turn it into a documentary that could educate people and spread my personal knowledge on the topic. I worked with Adobe Photoshop, Indesign, Lightroom and Illustrator to create my final spread.

During my junior year here at Freestyle I coded several websites in Digital Media using Adobe Dreamweaver where I was able to display my work from all of my classes. Here is a link to those works. https://www.freestyleacademy.rocks/~JacquelineOw/index-old.html