About Me

My name is Jose Luis Gonzalez I’am a student at los altos high in 11th grading attending freestyle academy. I’am just trying to have a good time by expanding my imagination through an art form like film and digital media. Their is nothing more important to me then having fun and getting work done.

I am someone you can find anywhere trying to have a good time with tones of friends around me. You can catch me at skateparks and commercial gyms trying to build a community with the people around me. When working or talking to me I will try make anyone feel welcomed and hope they can have as good of a time I am.

I am hoping t learn a lot new things not just from my teachers but students as well. I hope that I can have a bunch of new perspectives on art while also staying true to my beliefs of art. By being in Film, digital media, and english at freestyle I want to be able to put out my art for the whole world to see.

I hope to be able to express my emotions through different art forms of film, english, and Digital media. I want to capture my ideas through color, sound, and feelings that i find entertaining or interesting. I am going to be able to use all the resources that are provided at freestyle. The skills that I learn at freestyle will be an outlet of my creative creations.