Hi, I’m Julie Broch and I’m taking Animation, Digital Media, and English at Freestyle Academy. I’m taking Freestyle to expand my knowledge and improve my skills when it comes to art, something I’ve loved since childhood. I’m excited about the many projects I get to work on in the future, especially ones including digital art, and produce final products I am proud of.

In my free time, I strive to improve my art skills, specifically in sketching and oil painting. Thrifting, picnicking, and exploring new places are some activities I enjoy doing with my friends. I also like to travel and one of my favorite memories is when I visited Scandanavia a couple of summers ago.

During this past year, I feel like I’ve gained a lot from Freestyle. Previously, I had only done traditional mediums of art and had never seriously tried digital art. I was also unfamiliar with Adobe programs and had the impression that they were extremely difficult to use. After a year in Freestyle, I’ve become a lot more comfortable with digital art and using programs like ProTools, Adobe Illustrator, etc. I have also gained skills in researching and writing, and I got to formally interview someone for the first time. Overall, I think I’ve grown a lot from taking Freestyle, learning many new skills and enhancing ones I already had.