About Me

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Theres a lot of things about me that make me me. Such as the things I do on my free time and the extra-circulars that I do. Many would consider me outgoing and usually with a positive attitude towards life. Im big on socializing and have energy for fun. Core values in my life are forgiveness. We are all learning and living life for the first time so mistakes will happen. Its what makes us human. Theres no point to holding grudges just forgive and move on or its gonna hold you down. A balanced lifestyle is key too much of one thing I feel leads to disaster. Simple balances like friends and work or going out and staying in I really apply to my life.

Outside of school I am either working or cheering. I have two jobs one at eagle pool working front desk and at the YMCA also working the front desk! I started cheer my freshman year and have continued it ever sense and am now Captain of Varsity 🙂 Not only do I cheer but in the spring I play lacrosse. I also started lax my freshman year and hope to be playing again this year. The community is always so much fun and cant wait to be back. When Im not doing after school activities I love to enjoy nature. Drives into the forest, hikes, and sunset watching are all a personal favorite. Music has a big part in my life whether its listening or playing. Ive taught myself the ukulele, guitar, piano, and used to play some woodwind instruments.

I hope to self improve with social aspects and academic. I hope to branch out and make new connections and also reconnect with the old. I hope to maintain good grades and to not let procrastination take over. I want to be able to try new things and to not be held back by fear. I think this year has already given me exciting opportunities but I know its going to be a hard year so I need to stay focused but also have fun and enjoy life!