Run towards your fears, not away from them.

Hey there! My name is Kelsey Starr Khazam, yes I know It sounds like a superhero name… I get that a lot! I am a Junior in design at freestyle. Ever since I was little Ive always been extremely creative, maybe a little too creative. When I was in grade school I was very involved in theatre, art programs, and choir. I can’t think of a single year of my childhood where I wasn’t doing something artistic! In the past year I have become absolutely obsessed with all things music. As I mentioned I have been in choirs since a young age but never focused on my voice or musical talent as a solo artist. I have taught myself how to read, write, and preform all kinds of music! (clarinet, guitar, piano, and ukulele). I can’t wait to expand my artistic talents through freestyle in the coming years!!

Who am I? Well, I think I am a very quiet, and shy person… until you get to know me. I think a lot of people would describe me as goofy, weird, funny, or happy. I see myself as a very understanding and carefree person. I love to go with the flow of things. If you asked me to fly with you across the world last minute, I would do it. If you asked me to skydive, I would do it. I’m up for any challenge. I would also consider myself very determined. A year ago i picked up a guitar and said, “I am going to teach myself how to play this instrument”. Here I am today, able to play almost every song you can think of (except hard rock)! But like everyone else I have had my fair share of struggles, I would like to think of myself as comforting and a good listener when you need me to be but thats up to you.

If you know me you know that I am in love with anything sporty. Ever since I could walk I have been throwing a softball, shooting a basketball, or biking up a hill. I don’t know where I would be today without sports. They have been a huge part of my life and will continue to be. I go to the gym and work out every day. No matter if I am in a different state or even country I will find a way to exercise.

I remember the very moment my therapist and I were talking about my junior year, and she brought up freestyle. Since then I knew “I want to be a part of that.” There was no doubt in my mind i would begin this program and watch myself grow artistically, mentally, and creatively. It has only been a month and I can confidently say I have learned so many important things. I can’t wait to watch myself continue to grow throughout the next two years!