Lia Tsur

“Biggie Smalls said ‘Mo money, mo problems’, which means i have no problems at alllllllllll”

me smiling w/ my bro, cartoon karl marx

Hi! I’m Lia and I’m a film student at Freestyle. When I’m not here, I’m a student at Los Altos High School. Outside of school, I love anything related to art, movies in particular (which is why I chose to take film here) and do that in my free time. I like drawing, painting, and I love music. One of the things I was most excited about at freestyle was the full music studio which, rest assured, I have used very often in my time here so far.

I’m at Freestyle so I can get the art education I wanted in schools. I never felt like I was doing anything special throughout middle school and high school, so being here has given me the opportunity to explore an art that I have admired for a really long time. I love being able to come here and know that I’ll learn more about technology and how to use certain things now than some of my classmates will. I’m really happe to learn about these things, specifically in classes like Digital Media, because in a world that increasingly relies on technology, it’s gonna be important to know these things.

I have a lot to learn here, sure, but I’ll get there.