About Me

My name is Lucie Raynaud and I am a junior at Mountain View High School. I am half German and half French. At school, I am a part of the Ambassadors program that promotes inclusivity, mental health, wellness, and more on our campus. I enjoy advocacy, inclusivity, and community building, I dedicate myself to helping the community in as many ways as I can. I value treating everyone with kindness and I am a believer of everyone can change. In school, my favorite subject is history because I enjoy learning about how we got to the point that we are today.

Outside of school, I am a part of the Student Wellness Advisory Group (SWAG) for the county. We try to advocate for the well-being of the students in our county and set up a lot of wellness centers around the county and nearby. I also like volunteering for various places like Animal Assisted Happiness and Mini Cat Town. Throughout my life, I have had over a hundred cats because my family fosters kittens. In my free time, I enjoy playing video games and going on twitch. I also enjoy film and cinematography.

This year I hope to learn more about film production and digital media. One thing I am particularly excited about is learning more about camera angles and movement and how it tells a story. I also want to get better at photography. One thing that I have been wanting to learn for years is After Effects. I started to learn After Effects at school the day the lockdown got announced. Sadly, I was never able to pick it up again because I didn’t have it at home. I look forward to learning a lot of new things this year.