About Me

Hi, my name is Lucy! I am currently a student at Freestyle Academy and a Junior at Mountain View High School. In life, I value honesty, diligence, and compassion. I love animals, especially my cat pickles. I also love spending time in nature. Something that brings me joy is spending quality time with my friends, and eating good food.

Outside of school, I love to hang out with my friends and family. We like to go thrift shopping and try new things together. I am currently learning how to play the guitar, which has been really fun so far. I am really passionate about music and I’m always looking for a new artist to listen to.

This year, I hope that I will utilize the amazing and unique resources given to me at Freestyle Academy. I am also excited to know how to correctly use all of the Adobe programs that we are working on within Digital Media and Film because I understand how helpful they can be when trying to create a project. I am really looking forward to working together with my peers to make some really interesting and creative projects in Film that I’m proud of. I can’t wait to see what these next two years at Freestyle will bring!