About Me

My name is Lulu Duarte, and I currently a junior at Mountain View High school and Freestyle Academy. My core values in life include respect, accountability, and compassion. I believe that respect is important because it provides meaningful relationships, and I think if there was no respect we would not be able to advance as a society through new technology and socially. Accountability is also important for a similar reason, we need accountability so we can change and become better versions of ourselves. Lastly, I think compassion is vital because you can achieve much more when working with other people, but if you have no sense of understanding for other people and what they are going through, working with peers would be impossible.

Outside of school, I like to spend a lot of time with my family, whether that is just being in each others company, traveling/making new experiences, or exploring new hobbies together. I also love art, specifically I love painting with acrylics and oils, making collages, and drawing. As well as art and spending time with my family, I love to sew/create clothes, and fashion in general.

For this school year, I expect for myself to grow as a student and expand various skillsets. I want to better manage my time, giving myself a healthy yet productive school/personal life balance. I want to continue to grow as a creative person, and create pieces that I am proud of both in Freestyle and out of it. I expect to come across a lot of challenges this year, but I also expect to overcome them and become a better problem solver. Mainly, I am just excited to meet new people, gain new/sharpen previous skills, and create and find new ways to express myself.