Hi! I’m Nadia Pai, junior at Freestyle Academy concentrating on animation. I really enjoy drawing, both traditional and digital, and I applied to Freestyle because I wanted to get better at art, and be able to apply it to some kind of profession in the future. My two favorite things are drawing and listening to music; some of my favorite artists are Machine Girl, Lvl99Magic, the Cocteau Twins, and meat computer. If you’re interested or looking for recommendations, here is my last.fm.

Some of my artistic inspirations are the musical artists mentioned above, as well as artists who work with other media. These include Sun Xun, Sol Lewitt, Bridgett Riley, and Dan Flavin. Here is a link to my art Instagram where I’ve posted some of my drawings.

I have really enjoyed my experience at Freestyle so far. One of my favorite things is the freedom that we are allowed, and how much creativity is encouraged. It feels very different from regular school classes and I am excited for what’s to come!

Junior Year Reflection

This year at Freestyle has been really great! I learned so many new skills, especially digitally, and learned basic functions in all of the most important Adobe applications. I really enjoyed using the Wacom tablet and pencil to draw and create graphics! One of my favorite projects from this year was the open-ended Adobe Illustrator project. I was so proud of the sticker sheets I created! One of my less favorite activities was ProTools for music and audio editing. For some reason, I never quite understood it and so I did not enjoy it as much as other things we did.