Senior Class EDM

Everyone in class made part of this song. It was pretty fun to contribute, but I’m not the most musically gifted, so it was definately fun to learn.


Black and White


Making these mandalas was pretty fun. We had to do a few things to make it symetrical, but after that it was a blast to make them.

For the black and white mandala, I just sort of drew what I felt was natural to make it look interesting. At one point, I just began scribbling, which made some pretty unique shapes.

I started makeing the colored mandala right after watching Into the Spiderverse, so I decided I’d make a ommage to that amazing film.



Narrative Synopsis:

OwenD_Senior Narrative Synopsis

Final Script:

Final Script Draft

Shot List:


Final Cut:


When I look back on my film, I honestly don’t think it’s my best work. However, it is by far, the most work I have ever put into a film. I believe that we were a bit ambitious with this film, especially with today’s movie standard. I think there are a ton of things I could of done better in terms of planning, communicating, and editing. But, I learned so much from this film, and I’m going to use the knowledge I’ve gained to further myself as a film maker. I hope to keep on creating films, as even though this was a very stressful and exhausting experience, it will still be extremely memorable. I want to end with a huge thanks to Freestyle, Mr. Taylor, Joshua Stukenborg, and all the cast and crew of our movie.