Personal Projects

Alien Rock

Alien Rock is the main band that I’m in. I operate all of the musical-y and technical stuff and my friend, Spencer Cook, sings over the instrumentals I create. We roleplay as two aliens who are hell-bend on destroying the world while supplying an endless amount of bombastic, noisy, and over the top rock music. It’s all recorded at my home studio (aptly named Home Studio Productions).


Solo Electronic/Ambient Music

On my own time I make ambient and experimental sound pieces in Logic Pro X because I want to make music that other people can listen to in order to relax while they do other tasks. The most recent piece of music I’ve put out is Sun + Moon, which is an album filled with experimental beats and electronic eastern inspired music. Another album I’m proud of is my first official release called The Witness which is supposed to serve as ambient wallpaper for the video game of the same name.