About Me

A square image of a girl. She is sitting with her legs up, and is holding a dark red sketchbook and a pencil. She is wearing a black and white flannel top, with dark jeans and black boots. Her hair is shoulder length, and with brown with green highlights.

Hello! My name is Valorie Spade, and I am taking Animation, Digital Media, and English at Freestyle Academy.

I have had an interest in art since before I can even remember, but I only started to take it seriously in 8th grade, where I took my first art elective at school. There, I discovered how great it was to be making art in an environment with other artists, and how much my skills could develop in the span of a year, with the support of my peers and my teacher. I also learned to explore a wide variety of mediums there, and I now have some experience with a lot of different crafts (such as embroidery, crochet/knitting, sewing, bookbinding, woodcarving, sticker-making, and much more).

My inspirations come from many places, but a lot of it comes from Japanese culture. I’m inspired by both ancient Japanese culture (the clothing, art, and myths) and modern Japanese culture (the music, fashion, and animations). I lived in Japan when I was younger, which is when I developed a deep love for everything there. I still study Japanese so I don’t get too rusty, as I’m planning on going to Japan for college.

At Freestyle, I want to further develop my skills, not only in art, but in collaboration and storytelling as well. So far, I feel like I have already started to develop my organizational skills, as well as learning a bit more about how to express myself creatively. I’m very excited to take on some of the bigger projects that are coming up this year, and learn so much more.

During this last year, I feel like I’ve found new ways to apply my skills thanks to the variety of projects we’ve done. Learning how to use programs such as Adobe Illustrator and Pro Tools has opened my eyes to the possibilities of future projects, and I’m excited to pursue all of my new ideas in the future.

Below are some of my recent illustrations and other miscellaneous art 🙂