About Me

Vamp Zimmerman

This is me, Vamp. I am wearing black jeans, a black shirt with a black Hawaiian shirt layered on top. In the photo I am also wearing a few chokers and necklaces.
This is me, Vamp.

Greetings, I am a student at Mt. View High School and Freestyle Academy. I am interested in film, drawing, interior design, and Invader Zim. I hope to attend a film college in New York or out of the country. In the past, a lot of my artistic inspiration comes from late-night walks, music, and from looking around my room.

The thing I value most about Freestyle Academy is the community, even before I was accepted into Freestyle Academy I was introduced to the warm and welcoming community and told plenty of funny stories about the classes and teachers. Now as I attend Freestyle Academy I can testify to how supportive the community is.

A purple and yellow sunset with trees around the edges of the photo.
An example of artistic inspiration from a late-night walk.
A building with a dead tree in front of it, with a netting and blinds cutting through the image.
An example of artistic inspiration from looking around my room.