Zenith Project

The Zenith Project at Freestyle Academy is a chance given to seniors for them to design their own project. In this project we are suppose to demonstrate our passion and show off what we have learned. The most important goal of this project is to also develop self direction, such as to set goals, plan ahead, independently manage time and finish the task.


My Zenith Project is to make a short animation that will be based on traditional Chinese legend settings. As a first year senior in Freestyle Academy, I don’t have much time left to learn more about animation since the class just opened this year. So with the given opportunity of this project, I want to explore more into animation and practice more with the skills that I’ve already learned in class.

The reason that I want to make the animation on Chinese legends is because of the passion that I have for this culture which I’m from. Also it is quite often for me to find western animations that talk about Chinese culture sometimes doesn’t show the true essence of it. Though I do not know how much I will be able to show that through my own animation, but it’s a good opportunity to try. I want to make the animation with without dialogue, so people can focus more on the story and character movements. And since I play a Chinese instrument myself, I want to try to create the background music on my own so it will suit the tone of animation. The whole project was done with Adobe Photoshop.

Making Process

Final Products