Chloe Christiansen
Chloe Christiansen

My name is Chloe Christiansen. This is a portal into my Freestyle Academy Projects. These projects are exemplative of the skillset I have acquired through Freestyle academy in my classes of Digital Media, Design, and Honors English, using software such as Pro Tools, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Premiere Pro, and more. This website was designed by coding in HTML using Adobe Dreamweaver, as was my conceptual website which is linked below under “Conceptual”, on which can be seen several more visual and audio productions. Many techniques are demonstrated through my projects, including music mixing/creating, photography, creative writing, web design, video production and more, demonstrating knowledge of high level equipment and software.


Linked below is my first project which contains smaller projects uploaded to it. I designed the website using Adobe Dreamweaver and on it is displayed several music and video pproductions produced in Digital Media with content from English and Design classes.

This is an image of my conceptual website.
Brief intro about Project 2 - see
This is an image of my narrative project.
Brief intro about Project 3 - see
This is an image of my documentary project.
Project 4 Title
Brief intro about Project 4 - see
This is an image of my exploration project.