Podcast Project

As one of our final projects in English, we were asked to develop our own podcast, focusing on an issue/topic that is either interesting or important to us. This would involve researching the topic, inviting guest speakers if necessary, and creating music to compliment the spoken audio and transition during the podcast.

For my podcast, I chose to discuss all of the things that I think are wrong with the movie ‘Inside Out’, a Pixar animated movie that came out in 2015. This movie has haunted me for many years with all of it’s plot holes and disregard of logic, and I was excited for the opportunity to criticize it formally.

Podcast Production

To produce this podcast, we began in english by listening to several podcasts to understand the structure of a professional podcast. After listening to them we analyzed them and picked apart what was working well and what wasn’t working so well, as reference for our own podcasts. Then we went through the brainstorming podcast to land on our podcast topic, and began drafting a simple script to prompt our discussion. I settled on discussing the movie Inside Out, and gave it a watch-through to refresh my memory of all the things I hate about it. I took detailed notes and recorded my podcast immediately after watching it so that it was still fresh in my mind, and I invited my younger brother (who also disliked the movie) to be my guest speaker for the podcast. We recorded the podcast using a high quality recording device at home, and I brought that recording into Pro Tools and paired it with a royalty free intro song that I found to make it more professional.

My Podcast Review

My Podcast Script

My Podcast

Podcast by ChloeC

This was my final podcast, which I edited in Pro Tools. I ended up having much more to say about this movie than I expected, and I had to end it early so that it wouldn’t drag on and it still ended up being over 40 minutes long!