Arjun Satyavrath

From 2019-2021, I was a junior and senior at Freestyle Academy. Thus far, I have truly enjoyed my Freestyle experience through the activities and projects we have done so far and I am looking forward to the projects that are yet to come. I hoped to gain more knowledge about film and creative expressiveness through my film and digital media classes. I plan to use all of these in my future, which will hopefully circulate around film. Throughout my life, I have always been interested in the production of films and short videos, and I knew that Freestyle would be a good choice for me to explore different artistic paths. Being a student in Freestyle made me realize how much I valued being able to be exposed to other minds who appreciate the same things I do. I was able to communicate with others and gain inspiration for future projects.

Final Reflection

I really enjoyed my time at Freestyle. I learned so many things and I am so thankful that it provided me a path to follow for the rest of my career. I am really thankful for all my teachers at Freestyle – they all supported me in all of my endeavors and gave me positive and constructive feedback on how I can improve my work.