Eric Shachal

I’m Eric Shachal and I’m a student at Mountain View High School and planning on graduating in 2023. I’m a person who believes that you should make each moment of your life special because you only have limited time. I like using my time listening to music, editing pictures and movies, and most of all spending time with my family and friends.

Family is my #1 value in life and I hope one day to have a family of my own. Additionally, in the future I would like to attend a film school so I could ultimately go into the film industry. That has always been my passion and I feel like if I have a job in that field, it will feel more like a vacation than a job. Out of college, I want to be able to get a stable job to be able to take my family cool places and make memories with them. My parents and grandparents are a huge inspiration for me in that way because they always put their family before themself. That’s one of the most admirable qualities that I try to adopt into my personal values as well.