Alphabet Name Photography

For this project, we took pictures of things around the Freestyle campus to spell our name.

Aboriginal Implied Line Painting

I chose an elephant for my Aboriginal inspired painting because I am a relatively calm person, I’m smart and I remember things very well and because of that, I relate to the elephant.

I used a number of elements of art and principles of design in this project. For example, implied line is used through strands of same colored dots or smaller dots. I used the element of art shape to form my elephant face. I used the combination of movement and emphasis from principles of design to create the waves focusing on the elephant. The color scheme is cool toned like the elephant’s skin and its naturally calm temper.

Shape Form Space Magazine Collage


We cut out objects from magazines and followed the elements of art and principles of design to form our collages.

Monochromatic Shape Painting

Using our magazine collages, we traced the shapes onto blank paper using transfer paper. Then we made many tints and shades of the same base color to paint our shapes.

Photoshop Collage

Using Photoshop, we selected and cut out images that we found on the internet and put them into a digital collage.

Street Photography

Using a telephoto lens, we were able to take pictures of people from a long distance away so that it wasn’t creepy.

Citizen Photography Project

After taking our street photography, we chose a photo to represent the person that we wrote our Lyrical Essay on. Then we made everything black and white except out selected object or person. We also made a diptych with the outline of our object or person.

Japanese Stab-binding Book


The stab binding book was also a part of our citizen project. First, we chose 5 quotes from our Lyrical Essay then, we took 5 photos with our macro lens to go with our quotes. We learned and created a watercolor effect for the photos. We chose a Kanji word to go with each of our quotes and painted it onto velum. For our last pages, we tore up bits of Japanese newspaper, dyed it with tea then glued them into a newspaper collage. After ironing our paper, we painted our pictures on them. We packaged our booklets between our hand made book covers, decorated with handmade paper and beads. To finish our book, we chose a binding style and drilled the holes in the spine and bound the books.

Movie Package Minimalist Project

The story behind my movie poster is about a young woman who is diagnosed with a rare and fatal brain cancer. She chooses to live out the rest of her life without telling anyone, including her fiancé.

For the movie poster, tickets and packaging, we went with a minimalist approach. I chose a black background with legible, white font of my design, and a yellow flower to represent hope, losing petals that fade to white.