Welcome to my Showcase website! My name is Hannah, and I am a design student at Freestyle Academy. Throughout the two years I’ve spent learning and growing, I’ve focused on developing my skills in graphic design. When I’m not working, I like hiking, photography and hanging out with my dog or friends.

For my Showcase presentation, I’m excited to share my documentary book from my Junior year and my Zenith project from Senior year. Both of these projects were challenging and time consuming, but they are quite different. My Documentary book about the morality of animal euthanasia, I will warn you, can be a little emotionally difficult for some readers. In my book, I explain why I chose to explore that topic. I not only wrote the book but I took and edited my own photos, created my own illustrations and designed the book in Adobe InDesign. For my Zenith, I created faux paintings using Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter. Enjoyed doing similar techniques for projects in the past and I wanted to see if I could take it to the next level. Through all of the art that I’ve created, I want my viewer to feel something, whatever that may be, and to be left with a lasting and memorable impact.

I’m curious about how visually appealing you found my design work. Do you think it was memorable? How could I have improved them?

My plans for the future consist of traveling to Europe with other Freestyle students and then working for the summer. In the fall, I am attending Chico State University with intent to major in Graphic Design.

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I decided to write my book about the morality of animal euthanasia. In my book, you can read why I chose to do my documentary on this topic. The process of producing this book was very long and stressful at times. It started in English class. First, after choosing my topic, I started to gather general information from the internet as well as brainstorming possible interviewees and interview questions. After trying to email out to potential interviewees and not getting responses, I started physically going to interviewees where I found success. I did manage to find interviews through email though. As I was conducting interviews, I was working on placing my research and information from interviews into the document that would become my book. Throughout that time, in Design class, I was working on designing my book in InDesign, editing my photos in Photoshop and creating my graphic design elements in Illustrator. Designing a book is much harder than I thought it would be because I wanted it to help convey the feelings of my book through colors, fonts and the whole layout.

Click on the cover to view my book.

This book is printed and will be presented.


My Zenith Project is learning Corel Painter and creating real-looking paintings from photos that will be printed on canvas, watercolor paper, etc.

I will create 3 “paintings” and my themes/prompts will be Peaceful, Loving and Alive. 

I enjoy making photos look hand painted or drawn and I want to get better at it and produce real-looking content.

This Zenith project is a new challenge for me because I have never used Corel and it has a steep learning curve. However, it is something that I’m excited to learn so I will put in the time and effort to take on the challenge.

Here is a gallery of the process:

I also created an Instagram marketing platform. Click on any of the final images to see it.

Peaceful (Watercolor)
Waring parties find peace and bridge the gap between them.

The original photo was taken at the Japanese Tea Garden in San Francisco. This is what it looked like:

Loving (Airbrush)
A sailor at sea sends a love letter to their significant other.

The photo was taken at a beach. This is what the original looked like:

Alive (Oil)

The photo was taken in the foothills of Los Altos. This is what the original looked like:

These pieces are framed and will be presented.