Hey there! I’m Hrisha Bhatt and this is my website. I am a Design student at Freestyle Academy, but my home school is Mountain View High School. Before attending Freestyle, I had taken various art classes outside of school and a ceramics class sophomore year. Art has always been a way of expressing myself, even if the work isn’t perfect, I care more about the amount of energy and heart I put into it. I applied to Freestyle because I wanted to explore the professional world of art and learn techniques that I would be able to use in the real world.

Design so far has taught me to look at the world a lot closer. You’d be surprised by the things you are able to point out that you would never think about otherwise. Digital Media was a class I knew I would be taking but I wasn’t sure what it entailed. In such a short span of time, Digital Media has taught me various things about website building, video editing, photoshopping, and photography, which are all skills I could potentially use for side jobs in the future. English has never been the easiest subject for me or the most favorable class I have ever had to take, but this year it incorporates so much creative writing that I am excited to go to that class. When someone says art, a lot of people forget about the literature side of it and in all honesty it is such an important aspect because you are required to be able to write about the pieces you are creating. The introduction to this new medium could be a very enjoyable and rewarding experience for me.

Freestyle is a wonderful home to creative expression and it truly allows people to shine. The amount of growth that occurs in these two years is beyond describable and it is so amazing to be a part of it.