Helloo! My name is Jessie Fiona Erb and I am a class of ’25 Freestyle film student. I am also a travel enthusiast, a cat-owner, a tennis player, a below-average guitarist, a dead plant proprietor, and a fan of the 1984 hit-film: Gremlins. At this point in my career (as a living person), I’ve come to loathe the things that require me to think scientifically. C’est la vie! We are made to create, not to conform to “conventional” thinking. As such, I am infinitely more engrossed in filmmaking and the arts than “trigonometry.” That said, I, more than anything, value passion and creativity. I think it such a beautiful thing to be fully consumed by your own ability to create art.

As I’ve said, I loooove filmmaking. I spent this past summer making my own and working on other peoples films. It was awesome. I also love watching movies, some of my favorites are: Paper Moon, Frances Ha, Fantastic Mr. Fox, and Almost Famous. And Gremlins. Other than that, I really enjoy spending time with my friends and exploring new places.

This year, I’m so, so excited to be a part of Freestyle. I think that it will really help me to improve my filmmaking ability and I already love the environment that it’s fostered.