About Me

A picture of me eating a crepe in Japan Town.
The crepe taste good and I want to eat it again.

Hey! I’m Kaylee and a current student at Freestyle Academy and design is elective!

I usually don’t have a filter in what I say so most people usually know what’s going on in my head. Along with that, I can be pretty chatty and from what other people told me, I’m unintentionally funny.

I enjoy reading books and playing Pokémon games. My favorite book series is Wings of Fire, and my favorite Pokémon game is Pokémon Black and White along with their sequel, Pokemon Black and White 2. Outside of school I do Thai Dancing and I play the ranad ek and khim (stopped playing this year since it’s too different from the ranad ek for me to get used to) and this year I’ll start learning how to play the ranad thum (both are Thai musical instruments) at a Thai Buddhist temple in Fremont.

In Freestyle, I want to improve my color theory to evaluate my art pieces and my technology skills for everyday and personal uses!