The Narrative Perspectives Project asks Seniors, “How well can you tell a dialogue-driven story?” By exploring various narrative points of view and experimenting with dialogue in their story writing, students develop more advanced storytelling techniques and ideas they apply in the creation of book jacket designs, screenplays, films, animations, trailers, and websites. During this project, Seniors also experiment using photography to explore dreamlike narratives in a unit on Surrealism. Students deepen their technical communication skills by learning a variety of modern professional equipment and applications such as studio strobe photography, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Dreamweaver, Avid Pro Tools, Propellerhead Reason, HTML/CSS/jQuery, and Google Apps.

In English, we learned how to write an art-historical research paper on a topic relating to our media elective class in my case design. We learned about dialogue-based story-telling, experimented with different narrative perspectives/techniques, used Imagine Easy Scholar to gather, annotate, and organize online research sources (including databases), used the revolving research process to focus and deepen a research topic and thinking about our Zenith project, and used the writing process to plan, organize, revise, and edit a longer research paper.

In Digital Media, we used Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Reason and Pro Tools to produce a different pieces. We learned jQuery and how to implement it into our websites, recoded and produced our podcast in Protools, and made 3D woodart in illustrator then it was cut using a lazor cutter and assembled.

In Design, we used Photoshop and Illustrator to Learned typography and how to create out own font, Created a movie poster based on a fictional self-developed story, Created a marketing/branding package, Learned macro photography, and Created a print ad for our Package Design.

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