About Me

My name is Maisie Rennie and I am a Freestyle Academy student. My core value in life is happiness, as it is one of the things that motivates me the most to do the things that I love! There is no point living your entire life in misery when you could be spending your time on something that brings you joy.

Outside of school, I like to dance, hang out with friends, cook, bake, and basically do any type of arts and crafts I can get my hands on other than sowing (not a very big fan of using the sewing machine). After school, you’ll either find me in the Mountain View High School Dance Spectrum room practicing routines, or you’ll find me at home cooking or baking with my mom. I also enjoy going out to study, chat, play some video games, and more with my friends at cafes, or staying home and doing crafts like embroidery or making things out of cardboard.

One thing I expect from myself this school year is to stay organized and on top of my work but to also make sure that I have time for myself. I’ve been told that junior year is the most stressful one, and I can already tell with the amount of commitments I have as well as the workload that has already been given to me this year. It was very overwhelming, and it still is as more and more intensive projects are being assigned and bigger events have to be planned, but I know I can do it. I expect myself to persevere even through these stressful times and become familiar with having a busy schedule but still find time for myself.