Hey world! My name is Reid, and I am an animator and part time actor at Freestyle Academy of Communication Arts and Technology. These past two years at Freestyle have molded my passion for creating and working, and I feel encouraged in this environment to be truly expressive. I have a large passion for anything I can have fun with, including music(especially percussion music), food, writing, and video games. I feel very connected to a world where people can learn to listen to one another and value each others’ viewpoints and opinions while having the ability to critique their own lifestyles and perspectives and Freestyle’s curriculum has been a large part of that. One of the favorite projects that I’ve done at Freestyle include the narrative animation project, which helped me exercise my storytelling muscles as well as my animation skills. Throughout all of my time at Freestyle I have come to value the campus’s bravery in expression- both students and teachers have an innate courage which allows them to truly show the world what they believe in and choose how they want to communicate it.