As one of our final projects in english we were given the task of creating a podcast. This project included a study of different podcasts and some writing about why we thought they were good or not good. We took what we learned by listening to other podcasts and then decided what we wanted to do and who we wanted to work with. My partner and I decided to do an informational podcast about DMT, which is a hallucinogenic drug. Once we got our idea we researched our topic. For my research I watched a documentary about DMT called The Spirit Molecule. I also researched some scientific journals and articles. Below is an example of some of my research.

Then we recorded our podcast using Pro Tools, adding music and an ad to make the podcast feel more authentic. Finally we designed cover art for the podcast. If I could do the project again I add jokes in the podcast because it ended up turning into a long, kinda boring, talk about DMT rather than an engaging conversation about DMT.