About me

My mom and I!

Hi! I’m Sierra, a Mountain View high school student enrolled in Freestyle with film as my elective. I love all forms of art but I grew up making home videos and admiring film, although I didn’t know much about it. I drifted toward Freestyle and film specifically for the opportunity to learn in an open and creative environment. I’m excited for Freestyle to be a change of pace from the monotonous schedule of school. A core value that is important to me is maintaining a school/life balance, mental and physical health will always be important to me and having a balanced life is something I am still working towards.

Outside of school, I like to read, travel, paint, hangout with friends, play the guitar, and listen to music. Music plays a big role in my life, I love discovering new music and going to concerts, or just listening to music walking down school hallways. Traveling is also important to me, some of my best memories are on trips with friends and family.

Iā€™m really excited to be a part of Freestyle for the next two years! This year, I want to try and be more involved in school and extracurriculars and have a balanced workload. šŸ™‚