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My name is Taissia Bazhenova- a name of Russian origin, which is a crucial part of my identity, being both Ukrainian and Russian. As the eldest daughter among my four siblings, I strive to set a good example and provide for the family.

My Hobbies

When not pressed by school and family duties, I indulge in multiple forms of art such as digital/ traditional art, architecture (Minecraft builds), and music (piano, guitar, kalimba, and viola)! Broadening my collection of enamel pins, stickers, and antiques has been an active use of my time as well.


Starting Freestyle Academy and transferring to Los Altos High on my last year won’t be easy, however, I’m determined to face any challenges head on and obtain new skills. My foremost objective is to ascertain exactly which field of work would appreciate my contributions most while making me happy- all with the help of my future experiences and friends in Freestyle.

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Jenny Pink

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I got the feeling that the website is trying to tell me something. Do you have the same feeling?

Tommy Blue

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The theme is free, so it’s like a treat for me. So the real question will be, will this theme have pro functionality?

Tim Lemons

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From the perspective of Virtual Reality – The Lemmony theme is very Virtual. So it was the main point why I chose it.

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Massive Gray Walls


Spiral Stairs Garden

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Minimalist Chair

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