Fiona Householder
Fiona Householder

Hello! I am Fiona Householder O’Neill, a member of the Freestyle community. I am an English, Design, and Digital Media student. This page provides links to examples of work I have done in all three classes, throughout four different units. I learned to use a variety of different applications, such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Pro Tools, Premiere Pro, and  Dreamweaver. As well, as these applications, I had access to a unique tool box of equitment on the Freestyle campus. I learned to use a DSLR camera and, a wacom tablet in design. In Digital Media, I had access to several recording stations with high quality microphones and speakers, as well as several smaller contraptions, such as an M-Track for processing audio and a keyboard for use in Pro Tools. Througout my learning experience, I made sure to make use of all of the resources available to me.


In the conceptual unit, my classmates and I completed a few different projects for my three classes. In English, we wrote a series of poems based off of a "concept statement" that was assigned to us, mine being "I am exploring the feeling of scorn through the experience of compromise." In Digital Media, we created video readings of our poems using Pro Tools to record and edit our audio, and Premiere Pro to create a visual accompaniment to our audio We also experimented with creating music in Pro Tools, and finally, compiled all of our projects into a website, using Dreamweaver. In Design, we had two different photography assignments, which we enhanced using Photoshop. In the first, called "Transport", we had to take a photo of a wheel that was not attached to a motorized vehicle. In the second, which was simply called "Conceptual", we had to take a photo that embodied the concept statement we had been assigned in English.

This is a screencap of my conceptual website.
In the Narrative unit, we started by viewing short films in English, and examining the structure of the stories they told. We used that to inform our own writing, a short story that could include no dialogue, only visual story telling. In Digital media, we recorded ourself reading this story, and added original musical motifs, as well as sound effects, using Pro Tools, before creating a website to house all of our narrative related projects. In this unit, I had to stretch my imagination to create a cohesive story, without the use of dialogue, and I also had to work hard to capture the spirit of my story through music, and drawings This also includes a design project, in which we drew a silly creature in Adobe Illusrator that represented traits of one of our characters using various animals.

This is an image of a fairtale castle.
To be finished in April.
This is an image of a camera.
Project 4
To be finished in May.
This is a photo of a compass and a map.