Max Baler
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I'm Max Baler and this is my index website. This website contains links to all of the projects that we made in our Digital Media class at Freestyle Academy. In Digital Media we are taught how to use all of the Adobe Creative Cloud programs and use them to make a product. For my first major product, I made my Conceptual website using Dreamweaver. It displays all of the work done in Digital Media and other freestyle classes in the 1st semester. The second project we made was a audiobook. Using Pro Tools, we made a soundtrack that includes a story theme, a character theme and a climax theme.

Conceptual Website
My Conceptual Website contains all works made during the first semester at Freestyle Academy. Projects such as my Freeverse or Spoken word poems, my photography or my music.
Screenshot of My Conceptual website
Audio Book
My Audiobook. After narrating the story I made in English, I created a soundtrack for it.
My audiobook
Documentary Coming Soon
Documentary Coming Soon
Coming Soon
Project 4 Coming Soon
Project 4 Coming Soon