The goal of this unit was to try to explore the giant question of “Who am I?”. Using resources provided for us, we reflected on the work that we had done in the past year of freestyle and how we’ve grown as a person. In my English class, we worked to create a personal essay that we could use for college applications. In Film, we created a film that described something personal about us. In Digital Media, we created After Effects animations for a rant that we wrote. I wrote my rant about procrastination because it is something that greatly affects me.

Personal Essay

We wrote this essay to be used as something we could send to colleges to tell them about us. The question, “Who am I?” forced us to think about something deep in us and put it into words. We had to be vulnerable and write about something that meant a lot to us.

Everything is black. Instantly I get a picture. I’m on a horse racing through the brush and over dirt and sand. I look around and notice that i’m not alone. Next to me are 3 scruffy looking cowboys each with their own six shooter on their hip, whooping and shouting gleefully as our horses gallop across the frontier. Clutching my reigns as the wind blows loudly in my face, I join them in their rapturous cry of freedom. I don’t know where i’m going nor can I see anything but long, majestic landscapes, yet I know that wherever I am going, amazing things are going to happen. Even though it seems like I just met these men riding next to me, I feel as if I have known them forever, that they would do anything for me and I would do anything for them.

That story was something I envisioned not after watching a movie nor reading a book but from listening to a song. The song from the Magnificent Seven soundtrack. I discovered this after listening to a “Greatest Movie Themes of All Times” playlist while doing my homework. One second I was dutifully answering Spanish test study guide when I was thrown into the thrilling world of the Wild West. At first I wasn’t too surprised that I got distracted but the more I thought about it, the more amazed I was. This song was originally made to accompany a movie, a visual and easily understood form of storytelling, but when listened to but its self, told the same basic story without all of the visuals. I was absolutely astounded.  

That epiphany made my love for music grow more than I thought it already could. Not only could it now make me feel different emotions, it could now tell me it’s own emotions. I put my homework on hold and started thinking about the rest of the music in my life.

I have parents that like all kinds of music and as such raised me listening to many different genres of music. Songs heard in our house could vary from classical to rap, or from pop to classic rock. One genre that caught my attention while I was thinking about it, was Electronic Music. More specifically, Instrumental Electronic Music. My parents had started me out listening to 80’s dance music and some early house. My brother got me into early 2000s electronic music and then into dubstep. Soon I was making my own discoveries and found edm and deep house.

Instrumental Electronic Music caught my attention because it tells it’s story without lyrics. It is universal and anyone can understand its message, no matter what language they speak. And music has helped me realize my goal in life. I probably won’t invent some product that’ll improve lives or start a movement that’ll change the world years to come. I’m no different than anyone else. I want my life to be worth something and for people to remember me when I’m gone. My music will be my legacy. Every note I program into the computer and every melody that it creates, is me. And that’s the beauty of music. It’ll last generations and generations and generations as long as someone is there who felt something personal with my music and is willing to let me continue living.

Perspective Piece

For the project in Digital Media, we created a perspective piece and created a short video for it in After Effects. The subject was something we were passionate for and something we could rant about.

Screenshot of the Project in After Effects

Reflections Film

In my Film Class, we were tasked with creating a 2 minuet visual personal essay. We had to find something personal to us that we could turn into a film. One that potentionally could be submited to a college that recuested a persnoal essay film.

Using Premiere Pro, I created a film that relates how I used games while growing up to help me destress and not take life too seriously. I envisioned my film to show myself, played by different actors, portrayed growing up and using these games. I started out with a child actor and had him running through and obstacle course. Because this was supposed to be an intense scene, I recorded a bunch of dramatic angles. I then moved onto my current self. I had one shot where there is a wipe transition I created by panning the camera around a tree and using a mask. I ended showing my older self still playing the same games and I made sure to have my older actor have the same mannerisms used throughout the film.

This was my first project in Film and I enjoyed it a lot. I had never before actually been tasked with creating a film and given professional resources to create it. I got to learn the importance of multiple takes and how important directing your actors is. It was definitely a great project to start with.