This was a very open ended project with the only goal of trying to make it humorous. You could choose any medium you wanted, Stand Up, Skit, Mockumentary, Live performance, ect. My group chose to do a Muckumentary about a Flat Earth Convention.  I made this film with Nicholas Fletcher, Tyler Buhr, Ryan Kelleher, Mia Polcyn, and Max Baler.

Humor Proposal

Check out my humor proposal here, it is a breakdown of certain comedic influences as well as a pitch of the idea.

Humor Script

Check out the script for the humor project here, it has a bunch of information on the pre-production for our film. If you don’t want to read it, the short and sweet is that it is an improvised mockumentary with written interviewer lines and an overall structure for our characters to follow. You will also see character profiles.

Final Product

Live Showing

Final Production