Behrj Baronian

My name is Behrj Baronian and I am a Junior at Los Altos High currently enrolled in Freestyle Academy. I chose the Freestyle Academy program due to my love of creating. I believed that the Design elective would pave roads for me to do what I love in the future. Freestyle sounded like a creative alternate to normal schooling which i had very little passion for. From learning how to take well-composed photographs to learning how to mix music and make my own I feel that Freestyle Academy gives me a creative outlet I couldn’t get in any regular school.

A few things I enjoy doing are listening to music, playing soccer, and hanging out with my friends. Regularly you can find me with my headphones on listening to Spotify. I enjoy listening to mostly rap and R&B but have wide selection of genres in my playlist. My favorite artist is Travis Scott, I take a lot of creative inspiration from his personality and his music. When i’m not listening to music i’m probably on the soccer field with my friends. I have been playing soccer ever since I could walk and I have a undeniable love for the sport. Soccer has brought me together with some of my best friends and given me crazy traveling opportunities.

I value the tight-knit, supporting atmosphere that my teachers and classmates have created at Freestyle Academy. I always felt that I had a more creative mind than anyone else at my school and so far Freestyle Academy has given me a chance to express my creativity.

Now that you know more about me, I hope that you can continue to watch me grow and create through this Freestyle Academy program. Now I’ve got to get back to creating, stay tuned for the amazing projects coming soon!