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Hi, My name is Brianna Sauter and this is my website!

Something that I have always valued is creativity. As a kid, I would always color outside of the lines. My teacher would always get mad at me because I wanted to draw my own picture and color it in my own way. From that moment on, my parents knew that I had a future with art. I was always drawing in my sketchbook, doodling on my homework assignments, and doing arts and crafts when I was supposed to be studying. Throughout high school, I have taken many art classes. I decided to join Freestyle academy this year in order to strengthen my art skills and practice my creativity in the classroom. As a senior in high school this year, I decided that I want to pursue my passion for design and study Graphic Design next year at the University of Colorado Boulder. 

I have really enjoyed my experience at Freestyle Academy this year. I absolutely love my Design and English class because I really feel like I can express my creativity, however, being a first-year student as a senior was very difficult because I feel that I had a lot of catching up to do in my Digital Media class. I really believe that Freestyle has a great community and I really enjoyed getting to know the people here. It has also been really nice to be able to come over to Freestyle during the day and take a break from the main high school learning environment.

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My life outside of Freestyle-

I love going to the beach with my friends
I love going to sports games with my friends
I am on the board of the Sixth Man Club at MVHS
I am a swim coach for my summer swim team
I play Lacrosse for MVHS
I am a huge hockey fan- Go Sharks!
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