The Project

In our English class, we were challenged to create our own podcast. After studying many different podcasts and brainstorming, my friend and I decided to do a podcast about online shopping. We called ourselves the “Shop Cops,” and we talked about certain stores that you should stay away from (scam websites) and certain stores that are reliable. 

After writing a brief outline for the podcast, we started recording it on Protools. I created my own music which I placed in our podcast in order to have as a background behind our conversation about online shopping. 

Along with creating a podcast, we were also asked to create cover art for it. We wanted it to be fun, girly, and cartoon looking,  so I drew cartoon characters of ourselves and made the background light pink. I also used my own handwriting as the font in order to give it a fun, playful feel. 

Cover Art

Here is the podcast cover art that I created!

Final Product

Our podcast was uploaded onto SoundCloud so people could listen to it!

I hope you enjoyed our podcast and possibly learned something from it!





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