Hi! My name is Brianna Sauter, and I’m a Design student at Freestyle Academy. Over the last year, I have continued to pursue my passion for design, photography, drawing, and painting. Outside of my design work, I spend my time playing lacrosse, swimming, watching hockey, hiking, going to the beach, and making music playlists.

For my Senior Showcase, I am excited to share my Minimalist Movie Package and Senior Zenith projects; these pieces reflect how I have grown as a designer throughout my first year at Freestyle. In my Design class, we were challenged to come up with a plot for a movie and create a Minimalist Movie Package for it. I came up with a movie called “The Rink,” and I created a movie poster, ticket, and packaging for the ticket. For my Zenith, I worked together with my friend to create a magazine about using color theory in makeup. Over a couple of weeks, we did two different makeup looks on 6 different models – one natural look and one bold look – and we took photos of them afterward. We put the photos in our magazine along with an infographic that we created as a guide for readers.

I would like particular feedback in response to the following questions: Is the layout of my movie poster appealing? Are there clear examples of art and principles of design in my movie poster, ticket, and package? Does our magazine look professional and organized? Is our infographic visually appealing and easy to understand? Do our photos of each model correctly follow the rule of thirds and have adequate lighting?

Next year, I plan to continue to improve my Design skills by majoring in Graphic Design and minoring in Marketing at the University of Colorado Boulder. I am excited about living in Boulder, working with my professors on new projects, and learning new design and communication skills.

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Minimalist Movie Package

For this project, we were instructed to create our own movie and then produce a custom branding packet for a fictitious movie event. Using Adobe Illustrator, I produced a minimalist movie poster, movie premiere invitations, and unique packaging for those tickets. 

My Movie

Titled “The Rink,” my movie takes place in a small town in Canada, where there is a Women’s Club Hockey team and a Men’s Club Hockey team that practice in the same arena. The catch is, there is only one rink for the two teams to share. The Men’s team gets priority over using the rink even though the Women’s team is much more skilled; they have a better record and they have won more championships. The captain of the Men’s team, Chase, and the captain of the girl’s team, Skylar, have never liked each other because of the dispute over the boys getting priority over the rink. They eventually become friends and the Chase starts falling for Skylar. The Men’s team notices that their captain is siding with the Women’s team and being more lenient on giving them ice time on the rink, so they get upset. The two captains eventually fall in love and Chase takes the boy’s team to watch Skylar and the other girls play. After seeing how talented they are, the boy’s team realizes that they are being unfair, so both teams end up getting equal usage of the rink and they all learn to support each other.

What I did

After coming up with this idea for my movie, I created a movie poster, movie ticket, and packaging for the ticket using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. The movie poster, ticket, and packaging was supposed to be minimalist, so in order to achieve that I used only 3 colors on the poster and the ticket- black, white, and light blue. We also created our own font for our movie posters, so I sketched out a font by using Adobe Illustrator that I felt matched the theme of my movie. Along with that, I created a movie ticket shaped like a skate and packaging that looks like ice in order to match the theme of my movie. I then used an X-ACTO knife to cut out the shape of the skate after it was printed and then folded up my packaging around the skate in order to act as an envelope.


My minimalist movie poster for my movie, “The Rink.”
The ticket I created for the premiere. 


I ended up using this as my packaging for my movie ticket. This was printed out and I folded it like an envelope.



Brianna Sauter and Jackie Owen 

For the rest of the school year, Jackie and I will be working on our Zenith Project. In order to get our project approved, we had to answer 3 questions that helped us create a project proposal.

What is your project? Why is this particular project a passion for you? Discuss the final media form as well as the content you envision.

  • For our Zenith Project, we will be studying color theory and using that knowledge in order to do makeup on different models that don’t hide what they believe to be “imperfections” and instead puts more focus on highlighting their key features and natural beauty. An infographic/chart will be created with Adobe Illustrator and Indesign to show various eye colors and complexions that coordinate best with certain colors. We will be photographing the looks that we will create to work for each model to give examples and allow us to further expand our knowledge of portrait photography. We are trying to work to incorporate all women/men of different races, sizes, and skin types to appeal to a larger crowd. This particular project is a passion for us because we both believe in inclusivity and want to campaign that brands should not just market to one type of person, and instead to all skin tones and skin types.

Media we will be using:

  • Photography (to take photos of our models)
  • Cosmetology (Study of makeup and practice of it)
  • Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign

Final Media Form: We are thinking about possibly creating two pages from a magazine that displays our infographic, photos, and a little write up about color theory and inclusivity.

How is this project a new challenge (a risk) for you?  

  • This Zenith project is a new challenge for both of us because we will both have to work to improve our photography skills since neither of us has much experience, especially when it comes to portrait photography. How we portray our project to people so that they take interest in it and wish to participate may be difficult if we don’t find interesting ways to catch their attention. Being that we live in a world full of people always trying to look perfect, it may be hard to convince people that they don’t need to hide features to make them look more “beautiful” instead find ways to accentuate their key features. One thing that will be difficult is finding a way to do the makeup and still show that people don’t need it to be beautiful and that everyone is naturally beautiful in their own way.  

How will you incorporate your production class skills (new or existing) into your Project?

  • For our Production Class, Design, we will be incorporating a couple of our production skills into our project. In Design, we learned about complementary colors, and we will be using this knowledge of color theory during the process of choosing what colors we will use to best show off each person’s’ complexion. Not only will we be doing this, but we will also be improving our photography skills by taking photos of our models after we do their makeup. We were also considering using our Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator skills to edit the photos (saturation, tone, etc.) and create an infographic about coordinating eye colors and skin tone with shades of makeup.



Over the last couple of weeks, Jackie and I have been doing both natural daytime makeup looks and bolder nighttime looks on our models. After doing their makeup, we took some photos of them against a background that we set up. We then used adobe photoshop to adjust the lighting and use the sharpen tool to enhance their features.

Ashleigh, our first model, poses for the camera.

This is one of our natural looks that was meant to bring out Ashley’s blue eyes.

Our model, Emma, smiles for the camera.

We used tones of gold and bronze in order to make Emma’s brown eyes stand out.

Behind the scenes- editing Ashleigh’s photo
Applying the Gaussian Blur to Emma’s photo

After taking every models photo and editing it, we created an infographic. Each eye color has certain shades that make them stand out, so we used the color wheel to find them. We created “palettes” for every eye color so readers can use it as a guide for how to do their makeup if they want to highlight their eyes.  

We used the color wheel as the inside of an eye on our first page of the infographic.


The second page of the infographic has “palettes” that readers can use as guides.


Final Product 

Here is the digital version of our completed magazine. 


Thank you again for taking the time to look at my work!


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