About Me

Brooke Bettinger

Brooke is standing in front of Sole LeWitt's Wall Drawing 273. This drawing is of blue lines on a white wall, but some of the lines have been edited to go over Brooke. She is wearing a yellow and white striped shirt.
Brooke at the Moma

I am a senior at Freestyle Academy. This school has been fun, interesting, and challenging at times. I have had the opportunity to stretch my creativity through film, design, sound recording and production, and through writing. I look forward to being able to create more this year. I’ve always been a creative person, but it wasn’t until I came here that I had a really good outlet for some of my weird ideas. My favorite projects have been my flash fiction short story and the accompanying illustration, my documentary book and film, as well as my narrative film, Mona. Outside of Freestyle, I am a musician (harp +singing, I dabble in guitar), writer (an attempt at a full novel has begun, but no word on whether or not it’s any good), and amateur cupcake baker.