My name is Brooke Bettinger. I am studying film at Freestyle Academy. Through my time here, I have learned more about storytelling through different forms. I’ve had the opportunity to stretch my creativity through film, design, sound recording and production, and through writing. Outside of school, I play the harp, sing, read, and write on my own. I have tried to incorporate these into my film work. I’ve made multiple films that include harp music.

For my Senior Showcase, I would like to focus on projects where I wrote the script. I would like to begin by showing my senior narrative. I worked with another student, and the two of us wrote, directed, and filmed the story. I focused specifically on writing, directing and editing for the project. I tried to focus on creating dialogue between the characters that felt natural. Our two protagonists in the story were kids, so I tried to make sure the dialogue felt realistic for kids that age. The other project I will present is a scene from my Zenith project. For this project, I wrote a forty page screenplay and filmed one scene from it. This was my first screenplay I have written all on my own, so it was a bit of a challenge. In spite of the difficulties, I’m proud of this scene and all of the work I put into writing the screenplay.

I specifically would appreciate feedback about the dialogue in these projects. Did the dialogue feel like it was natural for the characters? Did the way the characters speak reveal more about their goals and personalities? Was it interesting? If I were to redo these projects, what should I do differently next time? What can I improve?

I plan on going to Brigham Young University in Provo this fall, where I will be studying art history and economics. While I enjoy film, I am very interested in studying economics, and I have wanted to study art history for a long time. I hope to keep writing outside of school for fun.

Senior Narrative

Zenith Scene