The Reflections unit in this semester was mainly used as exactly that, to reflect on who we were, what our inspirations are, and how we show that artistically. it was also the first unit back from the summer break, so as such, we had lots of new skills to try out, with time to experiment.



The first class to introduce the reflections unit was english, and with it, we created a list of “essence objects”, or objects that represent us in one form or another, here is my list.

  1. Sunburst SS telecaster Image result for skull burning skeleton van gogh
  2. Audio mixer with headphones
  3. Nikon d300
  4. Black wayfarer sunglasses
  5. Black sharpie
  6. Green computer bag 
  7. Dark blue leather wallet
  8. Broken cd player
  9. Silver watch on black leather band
  10. Skateboard featuring “Skull of a Skeleton with Burning Cigarette” by van gogh
  11. Image result for sunburst telecaster pngSpanish? Portuguese? Bracelet 
  12. Black hair tie
  13. Checker pattern belt 
  14. White guitar pick
  15. Red guitar pick featuring a candy-like pattern
  16. Black sony earbuds, left side speaker slightly more powerful 
  17. Box of gauze pads with disinfectant 
  18. Dog tag style necklace
  19. Wooden handmade phone mount 
  20. Guitar tuner

We also had the pleasure to attend the center of modern art in San Francisco. This is a personal selection of artworks from there

Personal Curation

The Flower Carrier (Include)


Image result for The Flower Carrier (Include) Painting by Diego Rivera

Painting by Diego Rivera

This painting is not photo realistic but can still convey and extremely important message.

I can really find the beauty in art that is stripped to its essentials, with the message being the most important part, this piece is a great example of that

0 through 9 (Include)

Image result for 0 through 9 (Include) Painting by Jasper Johns

Painting by Jasper Johns

On the opposite hand of the previous painting, beauty can also be found is chaos, and while this painting may seem like exactly that, lots of beauty can be found when it is looked at up close. It really reflects on life, the way I see it, life is chaotic, but it’s really beautiful in that sense

Incomplete Open Cubes  (Include)


Image result for Incomplete Open Cubes (Include) Sol LeWitt


Sol LeWitt

For this piece, I think the name carries a lot of significance, as an artist, I don’t think my work is ever really done, I simply run out of time, leaving it, incomplete. 

White Painting (Three Panel)  (Exclude)

Image result for White Painting (Three Panel) (Exclude) Painting by Robert Rauschenberg



Painting by Robert Rauschenberg

Now the words “white paining” may seem like a bit of an oxymoron, seeing as white is normally seen as the lack of color, but I think this could be a real personal statement on art itself, asking the viewer what defines “art.” This piece personally tends to rub me the wrong way, it makes me feel like im being taken advantage of, all for the purpose of making a statement that could be illustrated in a better way. 

Woman with a Hat (exclude)

Image result for Woman with a Hat (exclude) Painting by Henri Matisse



Painting by Henri Matisse

Welcome to the last exhibit on this list, paintings like this always make me curious, I wonder who this person was, if they really existed in the real world, or if they were only ever alive in the mind of the artist. 

Digital Media

In digital media, we had a focus on the ancient art of creating mandalas, with modern technology.

Large image of black and white engraved mandala


Large image of laser engraved mandala

Large image of colored mandala

Mandala Reveal Build video


In film we brought our essays to life with video to support along with it.

Here is a screenshot from the Premiere Pro project used to create this video, this went through several changes and forms, until I got a product I was happy with.