Who am I?

A student? A friend? A boba addict?

This is a notoriously simple question, yet for some reason it sparks endless thought; an inability to pinpoint a precise answer. Our identities are made up of so many factors, both tangible and intangible. Yet asking the question in itself suggests that there is a concrete answer, a fixed phrase we are supposed to give to encapsulate our entire being. But it’s abundantly clear, our identities aren’t set, they’re an ongoing process.

Through this Freestyle unit, we were challenged to explore our development as people, artists, and students. I pushed my creative potential through our Photoshop Art projects, reflected on my growth and cultural acceptance during our Personal Writing projects, and solidified my personal values through the Design PSA project.

While I may still not be able to give a solid answer to the question of who I am, this unit has been eye-opening and transformative, allowing me to gain a better sense of my ambitions, likings, and purpose. Maybe the person I am today will be completely different from who I am in 10 years, and that’s okay, because the exciting part about life is that we get to re-craft ourselves along the way.

Essence Objects List

-Pile of half-read books on my nightstand

-Stuffed animal: Perry the Platypus


-Everything-But-The-Bagel seasoning

-Harry Potter collection

-Tiny hands (and feet)

-The condensation on the outside of my iced coffee glass

-Trader Joe’s

-Vienna by Billy Joel

-The smell of fried garlic and onions

-You Rule! Notebook


-Re-used ziploc bags

-Maximum volume

-Kippah from Andre’s Bar Mitzvah

-Empty boba in the cupholder of my car

-Almond butter

-Fears emotion

-Homemade macha salsa (can only eat spicy food)

-The painting of the chickens I hate so much

-A hole in my door

As a Brainstorming activity for our Personal Essay, we listed objects that held significance in our lives. As someone who rarely develops emotional attachment with non-living things, this was a tough exercise to complete. Some of these objects represent my personality, others my routine, others my background. But each one holds a small part of who I am.