Ellie Schwarz

In 2019-2021, I was a Junior and Senior at Freestyle Academy. I took classes in Design, Digital Media and English. Being a part of the unique art program, I have successfully enforced creativity into my education, and will continue to do so at Parsons School of Design in New York City. At Freestyle, I gained an understanding of my future aspirations. Through art and thanks to Freestyle, in high school, I was able to have an outlet where my thoughts and ideas are transformed into a visual or physical sort.

Plans for next year: 4-year University, Gap Year at Parsons School of Design
Major or Job: I will be deferring Parsons School of Design for one year to be apart of a Mechina Gap Year Program in Israel. There I will travel Israel, engage in community service + volunteering, and study Israeli politics. When I return, I will be in New York City studying Integrated Design!
Scholarships: $16,000 merit scholarship
Reflection about Freestyle: Freestyle completely changed my high school experience for the better, I had motivation to show up every day. Freestyle boosted my work ethic and helped me find tools to help me as I am a visual learner.
Advice to 1st Year Seniors: Don’t slack on those assignments! They will pile up, and second semester flies by in the blink of an eye. Also, don’t forget how LUCKY you are to be at this institution and have the opportunities you do. I have never met another student outside of Freestyle who has a program that even compares or comes close to what we share.
Freestyle in 5 years: I would like to see Freestyle expand in classes. I think it would be amazing if we had the option to study History within Freestyle and learn all about art History and renaissance etc, though I understand the implications I believe it could be an amazing way to gain credits and learn for artistic students.

Freestyle Prom <3