Motion Graphic and Google Doodle

At the beginning of the year, we created a google doodle based on event from our birthday. I chose to do something mary poppins themed because the author and I share a birthday. We also made a motion graphics lo op based on the google doodle we did.

Object Concept Design

For my object based on my personality, I did a guitar with a weird neck because I liked the idea of it and I play guitar. In order to model the 3d object in Maya, we needed to sketch out a reference to use.

My finished guitar

Sketchbook Practice

Notan and Chiaroscuro

In addition to learning about animation techniques, we also learn about ways to improve our art in class. One way we did this was by learning about notan and chiaroscuro. Notan is the Japanese art technique that focuses heavily on value and shape. Chiaroscuro is a technique that emerged in Italy. In order to improve our understanding of value, we practiced notan and chiaroscuro with some of our favorite movie scenes. Some of the ones I did were Heathers (Notan), Isle of Dogs (Chiaroscuro), and Fantastic Mr. Fox (Chiaroscuro).

1, 2, 3 pt perspective

Perspective is an essential building block in art. If you can’t do perspective, your art will always be fundamentally flawed. In class, we practiced 1-point perspective by drawing the classroom, and 2 and 3 point by drawing scenes of our choice.

Life Drawing

In class, we occasionally do life drawing to improve our understanding of proportions and anatomy. This is something that many artists struggle with, so it’s important to practice it often.

Action Reaction Scene

This year, there was a heavy focus on 3d animation using Maya. For my scene, my main character was a paranoid survivalist who lived in a bunker. I found creating a mood through lighting and set design fun yet challenging.

The Scene

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Concept Design