Podcasts are one of my personal favorite forms of entertainment. There’s nothing like a podcast to spice up a long, boring car or plane ride. They also make great background noise for when you’re working. My favorite podcasts are quite the mixed bag; one being “Hello From The Magic Tavern”, a humerus fantasy podcast, and another being “Slow Burn” a history podcast with two seasons, one covering Watergate and the other the Lewinsky scandal.


For my podcast, I wanted to do history because it’s one of my favorite subjects and I, personally, love learning about it any way I can. I based my podcast mostly off of notes from the AP US History class that I took my Junior year, scanning through them to find the most interesting people and events. This was not an easy task because US History is a huge subject and there are so many figures that I find interesting. Eventually, though, I managed to narrow my subjects down to Lyndon B. Johnson and McCarthy; I even wrote two different scripts. However, McCarthy won out (for once).

Once I recorded everything, it was just a matter of editing it all together in ProTools and making some theme music. The theme music didn’t exactly come out well, but I feel that overall the final product is fine.

The podcast!