About Me

Hi! My name is Eva Halsey. I am a Junior at Los Altos High School. I’m also taking film at freestyle. I really like the idea of being able to create things whether that be media like film or photography or material things like making clothes or food. I like art as a whole which is why I like freestyle so much. I love to travel and I hope to go to Europe, specifically Switzerland, for college. I definitely want to pursue some career to do with film and English.

Outside of school, I work, hangout with my friends, read, play ukulele, write songs, and play video games. I currently have a job at Kumon as an English teacher where I teach 6 year olds and younger how to read and write.

This school year, I expect to learn a lot, get good grades, and be creative with my work at freestyle. I hope that I will continue to be as motivated to do school as I am now so I can maintain good grades. I expect myself to grow a lot in this year academically and creatively and to learn a lot about film. I also hope I will create good films that I’m proud of.