About Me

Jack holding a fish at Lake almanor tha he cought!
Me holding a fish

I’m Jack Dees, I’m a junior at Mountain View high school! I’m a very energetic most of the time happy person! I believe that If I have good energy it can boost others around me as well! I’ve loved tech and film since I was very little and continue to love it more and more as new things come out! I hope to take a lot away from freestyle in the next couple of years to help me in college and long after!

Outside of school, I have many hobby’s! My favorite thing to do is hang with friends. Go biking, play darts, watch movies! Whatever I can do to hang with my friends! I love to go get lunch including In and Out, pizza, sushi, and other places around town. I like to hang at each of our houses and just joke around!

I expect this year to be very exciting because were back at school now at the same time very stressful. I’m worried about college and all these tests we’re gonna need to take! I’m excited about freestyle and that little break of school I get to go have fun but once I get back on campus Ill know what I have waiting for me. I’m going to take it one day at a time and hope all goes well!